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You Already Have What It Takes To Succeed.

Why Work With Us?

  • Proven record: We're leaders in our Organization and we are experienced business owners with a track record of creating up to 7-figure businesses.

  • High wealth and success consciousness: Your income is a direct reflection of your efforts and your associations. You’ll connect with others who truly walk the path of abundance and success. Our money mindset shows in the results we’ve created!

  • Master-level business coaching: We’ve been successful business mentors for over 10 years. Many leaders in our Organization are now highly visible, influential business owners.

  • Highly respected, debt-free, privately held parent company: dōTERRA began in 2008 with seven founders and grew at the same pace as Apple. dōTERRA is the largest essential oil company in the world with over $2 billion in annual sales and nearing 10 million customers worldwide.

  • Proven business model: dōTERRA’s system for growing a business is tested and proven. In addition, you’ll learn new, duplicable strategies that work to grow your business online.

  • Proven product and business education training: Members of our Organization enjoy the benefit of a plethora of complementary education systems provided by experts on our team. Benjamin and I also created a ōilBLISS Cōmmunity with over 1,000 members, where we host weekly and monthly events and trainings, from business mentorship to product education. The community is 100% virtual and 100% free for you.

  • Fits in with what you’re already doing: your primary business. You’ll learn how to leverage what you’re already doing to create an additional, lucrative revenue stream.

  • Create residual income: Don’t rely on others for employment. The time is now to learn how to invest your time and energy in a way that will provide you a stable income stream for years to come. Build a financial pipeline, instead of trading dollars for hours. Build your own dream instead of your boss’.

  • Generous compensation plan that rewards leadership: dōTERRA rewards those who help others succeed. The more people you help achieve success, the higher your income.

  • Elevate the citizens of the world with the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation: “The culture of dōTERRA really begins through the desire to give, help, liberate and empower others through the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation.” -Mark Wolfert, dōTERRA Founding Executive

Ask Yourself These Questions…

  1. Are you ready to take your power back?

  2. Do you want to be free?

  3. Do you want to be part of something bigger than yourself?

If you answered, "yes"...

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